Signea Intranet+

Signea Intranet+ is a communicative intranet and document management in one package, and includes all the features of a digital working environment.

Fixed price

Fixed price package, in which the price comprises of the selected features.

Fast delivery

The duration of the commissioning project is only a few weeks.

No user-specific licenses

Ideal for organizations operating in production, construction, care and maintenance sectors.

Open Source technology product

GDPR compliant and meets the WCAG 2.1 accessibility requirements.

An excellent Open Source alternative for expensive digital working systems of the IT giants.

Easy commissioning project.
Cost-effective without license fees.
Flexibility with customer-specific customization.

The role and tasks of the Intranet.

In 2020, intranet is much more than an internal news portal of a company or a storage space of material. Intranet is a secure, real-time tool for employee communication and collaboration. In order to enable modern work, intranet has become a digital working platform that serves a variety of working patterns.
90 %
Employer communication and communicating mutual information
79 %
Providing information to support the performance of tasks
73 %
Supporting strategic objectives and culture
64 %
Boosting work
56 %
Sharing knowledge and learning
51 %
Digital working and work coordination
Source: North Patrol, Intranet and Digital Work Environment in Finland 2018 -Survey, 2018.

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