Support package

Keep your Signea Intranet up to date with the Signea Evergreen support service.
The service includes data security updates, usability enhancements and new features, as well as tools to improve your Signea experience.
We make sure that any changes in the platform technology improve Signea Intranet, not break it.

We develop ourselves - we support ourselves.

Customer service and product support are our top priorities. Mediasignal is not just a technical application provider, but genuinely promotes business development together with our customers.

We want to be an active partner and communicate to our customers about development plans, new features, and send useful tips on how to use the product.

Our annual customer satisfaction surveys are designed to enable us to develop new functionalities that our customers specifically need, as well as to improve those that are most desired for development.

Mediasignal support service helps on weekdays from 9am to 5pm

You can reach us at +358 3 223 3343
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Yours truly, Signea.