Signea Intranet+ is an excellent open source alternative for the digital working systems of Microsoft, IBM and Google.
Much more than traditional open source intranets
A communicative intranet that includes modules such as news, bulletins, calendars, contacts, content templates, conversations, search, and much more.
Social tools and discussion streams.
Document management and team tools.
VXT Engine AI: machine learning and semantic search.
Built on three reliable Open Source platforms: TYPO3 CMS, Nextcloud Document Management and HumHub Social Networking Tool.
Productized package model enables fast delivery and fixed price
No user-specific license fees. Pay once – use always.
Unlimited number of users.
Delivery time of only 1-2 months.
Social intranet
Social interaction channel.
Team collaboration and projects.
Equal communication channel for the entire personnel.
Open culture of knowledge sharing and ease of collaborative digital work.
Artificial intelligence and semantic language recognition
VXT Engine AI: machine learning and semantic search.
The superior search engine finds the information, recognizes the context, and summarizes the essential content.
In addition to Signea, the search engine searches from any source of information.

Finnish software product.

We wanted to develop a product that enables our customers to coordinate their business, improve communication, and increase interaction. Signea Intranet+ software product is designed and implemented in Finland.

Yours truly, Signea.